The Proposal

30 December 2013

Here is My Love Story. This is the proposal.

 Mr J and I had been together for almost three years when we began to talk seriously about engagement.  It was always in the plan but not always on our mind. As typical Teagan, I wanted to know exactly what Mr J was thinking in regards to popping the question. Where? When? How? ...but still wanted a surprise {I understand now, why I caused some frustration}. We prayed a lot, asked deep questions about our future, talked about rings and experienced some shopping at jewellers. It was now a matter of waiting for the right time to come.

 It was summer holidays. I was working at a local apple packing shed with my best friend, Lauren P. I told her about Mr J and my possible future engagement and she was over the moon. The following weeks consisted of over-thinking accusations of when Mr J may pull out a ring. On Saturday 22nd December, I worked in the shed on a 38 degrees day, starting early and finishing at 12pm. Hot and sweaty, I travelled down the hill to watch Mr J play baseball. It was a normal, hot, summer day for that time of year. As a result of an early morning and hot weather I slightly resembled the cookie monster - a little grouchy. Baseball finished and Mr J and I drove back to his house to swim in the pool. The engagement topic arose and due to my mood, poor Mr J copped the bad end of an over-tired Teagan. I snapped a few times. Jamie dispaeared from the pool to the loo but took a long time {For those that know any male - this is nothing out of the ordinary}. In the meantime, I jumped out the pool and sat in the sun. Mr J arrived back and sat next to me. He put his arms around me and the following words turned me from the cookie monster to the happiest women alive.

  "Teagan, you know that I love you... Will you marry me?"  

He got down on one knee and held out the ring. In my heart and my head I wanted to yell a big, humongous yes but instead, I was speechless. All I could do was smile. My answer of silence was not helping Mr J's nerves though, so he asked me again and I said a verbal 'yes' this time.  The ring was a perfect fit and amazingly beautiful.

 After the adrenaline had come down to normal level for both of us, Mr J informed he had picked the ring up and spoke to my Dad that same morning, while I was at work. What a big day!

 Hours of phone calls and messages later, we sat down trying to believe that this wasn't one of those incredible dreams. I could not be happier. It was truly a Mr J proposal - spontaneous, relaxed and super exciting. Perfect.

 This is not only a gorgeous ring, a relationship that has turned into engagement or the planning of a wedding. This is a commitment, and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else.  I'm so madly, deeply and crazy in love with this handsome man…

The countdown in on until February the 1st, 2014.