Powering Through

30 March 2014

On Saturday Mr J and I powered through the crowds to find our amazing seats at Adelaide Oval for the first showdown of the season. A huge thank you to our relatives who gave us membership tickets for our wedding. Date day and game day all in one. Experience was everything and the atmosphere was amazing.

Go Power. That is all.

Thankful Thursday {with a splash of colour}

27 March 2014

Here's to plants that brighten up a home, to supportive families that stand by you through the hardest of times, to colourful soap suds in the car wash, to breakfast dates with my husband, to celebrations of birth and free gift vouchers, to three bedroom homes that fit seven living spaces, to a flexible work environment, to shopping days, to cold autumn days, to a colour coordinated bookshelf, to social mixed netball with my aunty and uncle, to camps that share God's love and to photos that hold memories. So blessed.

What have you been thankful for lately?

A Spontaneous Productive Day

26 March 2014

Today was one of those spontaneous days that turned out wonderful! Mr J had a very rare day off and I was excited. Our body clocks didn't allow us to have a massive sleep in but enough that made us feel relaxed. Getting up at our own pace, we decided to do some of those jobs that have been sitting on our list for a while. We started the day at Billy Baxters for breakfast {thanks to an entertainment voucher!} and then sorted out our medicare and private health insurance. Feeling secure. After sitting in waiting rooms all morning, we were reading for some fun. We decided to explore ikea and Harbour Town. We were able to use a wedding gift voucher to purchase a soft rug and some new mugs for our home. There were some bargains we couldn't resist, therefore came home with some extra goodies too. Smiling.

The night ended with the assembling of furniture and rearrangements of old furniture to make our home feel a little more like ours. Our three bedroom home now has seven - a living area, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom/laundry and an office space! It's amazing what can be created with a little imagination.

Here is my office space, that my wonderful husband worked hard assembling.

Do you have a favourite shop?

52 Weeks of Art Journalling

24 March 2014

Look what I'm doing!! I'm doing a 52 Weeks of Art Journalling course and I'm so excited. When I'm wrapped up doing art or craft, time flies fast and I look forward to finding time to do it. I've decided to base my art journal on my first year of marriage, showing all the adventures I am doing with my partner in crime. Sometimes I get stuck on ideas and new creative ways of displaying something but with this course, I think that may change. If you are interested in giving it a go too, go here

Have you started something new recently? 

KCO 2014

23 March 2014

Since Friday evening, Mr J and I were at Nurioopta helping run KCO. This year we were blessed to be able to teach young children about the Holy Spirit and share God's love with them. Mr J took on the amazing role of MC - his enthusiasm, energy and craziness is admiring. I assisted with registrations and ran the KCO shop. A massive weekend of fun.

We are all apart of Team Jesus!

Family is Precious

20 March 2014

Yesterday was my 21st birthday. Thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes, gifts and love. I was spoilt with breakfast in bed, flowers, a new handbag and purse from Mr J and a Daniel Wellington watch from my parents. Speechless and so thankful.

My day was filled with happiness, as well as sadness as I lost a wonderful uncle. My memories of my uncle exceed the word great and I feel privileged that each year, on my birthday, we get to celebrate and remember such an amazing man. R.I.P Uncle Chard, missing you already. Family and time is so precious.

If you want to donate money to Melanoma Institute Australia please go to this page to support our family walking in the Melanoma March. Every little bit will help.

Happy Birthday Dad

18 March 2014

Happy Birthday to the best Dad in the world. 
Couldn't ask for a better father, friend, mentor and support. 
I love you Dad. You are my hero.

Spontaneous Dessert Date

16 March 2014

{My dessert: Brownie Indulgence}

Mr J and I went on a spontaneous dessert date last night. As dinner time was approaching, we hadn't left the house all day. Feeling like we needed some fresh air, we thought we would try some dessert dining which we had only heard good things about. This is where we went. I predict that I consumed more chocolate within an hour than my dietary intake recommends in a week. It was amazingly delicious. No regrets. Quality time with Mr J, good food and a splash of rain finished off a great day.

What is your favourite dessert?

Catching Up

14 March 2014

I realise that I have not posted for a while now. Apologies. I'm back now. Please be prepared to get bombarded with some of my life adventures from the past week.

As I write this, I'm looking back to the 8th of March. The night we celebrated a friends engagement in the beautiful wetlands of my high school. It was lovely to mingle with people I hadn't seen for a long time, drink iced tea straight from T2 and see the filmed proposal of a gorgeous couple. Congratulations J & D. This night made Mr J and I think back to our engagement party, and although it seems like yonks ago, we will never forget the atmosphere that was created with our loved ones celebrating with us. Priceless.

What did you do on the public holiday that fell on the 10th of March? Mr J and I joined some of the young adults of our church at the river. Although the photo above looks quite overcast, it was warm and perfect weather for some water sports and swimming. Mr J mastered the knee board and had a load of fun on the 'biscuit'. It was a nice and relaxing day away from home - it was was even better to enjoy it with other Christians in God's environment. Blessed.

Autumn is officially here. Walking outside to see the leaves changing colours on the trees and covering the ground gives a new definition of beauty. Over the last couple days on my way to university, I have stopped to thank God for his creation. Something that we can take for granted too often. He is amazing.

 How have you been over the last week?

Happy International Women's Day!

8 March 2014

Today is a very special day. It's International Women's Day.

If you can find time in your day to watch these videos, I recommend them:
25 singers and musician from 20 countries come together to sing this one song
Celebrating working women

To all the women in my life, you're awesome!

Happy Weekend.

Thankful Thursday {with a dash of cupcake}

6 March 2014

Here's to grandparents that are one of the biggest support and encouragement in our lives and although we only see them occasionally they still mean the world to us, to breakfast time with Mr J, to cool weather that still allows the sunshine in, to productive study days, to spontaneous dates with my husband, to the first milestone in our marriage, to left over wedding cupcakes for morning tea, to a husband who can find all the positives in a day, to friends that say all the right things at the right time and to a new love for this show. What have you been thankful for lately? 

University Plan of Attack

5 March 2014

I mentioned here that I'm now back at university. Last year, I became distracted from uni work due a a particular wedding coming up. This year is my second year into my course. I feel motivated but in order for me to stay this way, I need a plan. Here it is:

Study: Sounds like an obvious one right? Sometimes it's not. This year I plan to use my frees at uni to study, keep up to date and stay focussed. Temptation to check my facebook feed, go online shopping or simply get lost in thoughts unrelated to uni is extremely high but as I now have a husband to go home to, I don't want to spend my home life doing study too. Let's get productive!

Selflessness: University has the potential to be some of the most selfish years of my life. No day is the same, therefore routine becomes a mess. Because of this university students get to eat, sleep and study whenever they want. We need to remember that life is not about us. Ever. Not only will a good routine of eating, sleeping and study benefit our health - it will benefit the people around us. I aim to have a good routine in these areas so I can find quality time with family and friends without stress that I should be focussing on study. I want to have the energy and time to be a good wife for Mr J by not letting the house become a shamble and my emotions go too wild. Occasionally busy study days will surprise me and routine may have to be altered. That's okay too. We can enjoy our freedom but don't abuse it.

Challenge myself: Rather than settle for average, I want to aim higher. Rather than just believe and nod my head, I want to ask questions. For a women that can be a people pleaser, occasionally insecure and confused, I often stand back from the debates and question time. I know that this is me but I also know that deep down I also have questions and opinions that can be raised. This year is my year to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

Sollitude: I need to find time for myself. Time to centre myself. Time where I can cry, smile, pray and relax. Life can become busy especially when it is deadline time and this time is when solitude is most essential.

Maybe some of these might encourage you too.
Here goes another year of university...
Who is on this journey with me?

Spontaneous Date Night

3 March 2014

Mondays are often hard. After such a relaxing and fun weekend, the last thing you want to do it go back to work or uni. Today was my first day back studying and although I'm happy to say it was productive and not as bad as I predicted, I was exhausted. My brain isn't used to that much thinking! While I was learning about being a teacher, Mr J was 500m down the road at a manager's conference. Another brain workout. Looking ahead to a meeting we both had that evening, I thought I would pick Mr J up and surprise him with a early dinner of asian food. We filled out bellies with an entree of salt & pepper squid, mains of crispy beef, peanut & coconut chicken and fried rice and treated ourselves with dessert. I tried my first serve of fried ice-cream, while Mr J's was flavoured strawberry. We could not fit another spoon of food in. Full to the brim. 

A nice way to unwind, before heading back out to town. 

What is your favourite asian dish?

One Month of Marriage

1 March 2014

One month ago, I got married (see photos here)! I know the true meaning of 'time flies when you're having fun' now, as that is all that marriage has been so far. Ofcourse, we have had our disagreements about little niggly things such as what time to wash the dishes and where the location of dirty clothes should be but I'm safe to say we got through it. The fact that I can look forward to seeing Mr J every night and every morning is great. Super blessed.

As today marked one month with the man of my dreams, we invited our parents over to view our professional wedding photos. We ate cheeses, dips, crackers and homemade scones while we laughed and reminisced over such a great day. A day that will never leave us.