Seventh Month of the Year '14

21 August 2014

We are over halfway through the year now. Wow. Am I the only one to think this year is flying by? 

During July the following happened (an overview):
- Jamie and I began to host our church small group at our place this month. We are blessed to have great friends join us each week to learn more about God, ourselves and each other.
- On the 13th of July my brother turned 20! We celebrated with him over dinner and many laughs, at a local hotel. 
- Mum and Dad picked me up and we spent a day out shopping at the centres near my home. 
- Jamie dressed as a rockstar for a school friends 21st. He looked smashing! 
- We attended a church young adults movie night
- We attended two Power matches at Adelaide Oval
- Friends visited our place for dinner and a catch up
- We celebrated birthdays and family!
- Jamie and I stayed at a hotel and spent the evening dining, wining and listening to live music in the Adelaide CBD. A night to remember!  

I would love to hear how you have been? 
Love to you all 

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