Fourth Month of the Year '14

30 April 2014

To those that read my blog, I apologise for my lack of posts. I love writing and love keeping you up to date in our lives but sometimes life doesn't give me enough time to sit down. This is the compromise - a monthly overview (maybe with an occasional extra post, every now and then).

We have just come out of April. It is crazy to think that four months of the year has past but even crazier to think that Jamie and I have been married for three of them. The saying 'time flies when you are having fun' could not be more precise. Marriage is amazing, challenging, strengthening, rewarding, exhausting and fun. The best.

April contained a few changes, continuity, celebrations and a cute little cafe.

The cute little cafe goes by the name of Hello Yes. It is a cafe in Adelaide CBD, located in a warehouse and sells delicious bagels for breakfast, all day. I am blessed to have a friend who enjoys discovering new places as much as I do.

Our continuity and changes live most among work and study life. I have continued work at an out of hours school care, while Jamie is now the official manager of his Optus store (after being the 'acting' manager for a month). Yay! Biggest change so far is that I differed from university. After many prayers and conversations, I took the leap and chose to stop my teaching degree for a year, whether I go back or not is what I am still working out. This was a leap that I had thought about for a while but was very hesitant to do. I didn't want to jeopardise my future if I was meant to fight through the struggle of uni life. However, the same day that I made this decision, I was reminded about a program that was running for the first time, beginning this month. The program is called Big Year Out (which gives me a Certificate 4 in Christian Life and Ministry). Perfect for anyone trying to find some direction in their life and learn more about our wonderful Creator. I was on the phone right away and within a week was attending the Uniting College. I haven't looked back. God has taught me so much already and I'm excited for the future.

Adelaide Oval - Power Members
Kingston SE - Breakfast
Jamie and I celebrated a lot this month. We attended two twenty-firsts, an anniversary dinner, became members of our new church and cheered power on to victory twice. Plus, we celebrated the most joyous season of all away from home. Easter. This long weekend was spent with Mum, Dad and my brother at Kingston SE.  We were blessed with glorious weather, beautiful sunsets and many laughs. The boys fished off the beach, while mum and I watched the tide creep upon us at a increasing speed (we survived). We visited garage sales, the giant lobster and climbed a lighthouse. Everything about this weekend was memorable and relaxing.

Jamie also started playing basketball and I started playing mixed netball this month. We were very thankful to not only have the opportunity to socialise each week in our local town over sport but also to run off all of that party food and chocolate we had eaten this April! It has been a yummy month.

Hope you all had a great fourth month of the year.

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  1. From 'It's never too late...' by Patrick Lindsay
    It's never too late to find the beauty
    'It's there in everything we see.
    Sometimes it's shining out at us.
    Sometimes it's hidden deep within.
    Look for the core beauty:
    in nature's balances;
    in the human spirit;
    beautiful friendships;
    the beautiful mind;
    the beautiful heart.'
    The beauty of being in a car as the tide comes in, the beauty of Easter, the friendships in sport.
    God bless you...