Fifth Month of the Year '14

1 June 2014

Today we say goodbye to Autumn and hello to Winter. Although another season comes and goes, I would have no idea what season I was in if I judged it by the weather. Autumn gave us a broad range of t-shirt weather, along side of jumper and beanie weather. Unpredictable, but I don't mind. God is obviously playing a few games up there!

May was fun but also held one big challenge for me. Jamie left the state for three days. This was our first nights away from each other since the first of February. Honestly, I struggled. I didn't have anyone to do the safety walk each night before bed, anyone to fend off unwanted bugs that entered our home or anyone to debrief with after a long day. Thankfully, Ikea and Harbour Town are right next to the airport so I managed to get some retail therapy in though. However, this was a massive experience for Jamie and it was very exciting. Jamie flew to Sydney for a work conference. He not only learnt a bunch of information but Luna Park was opened just for the conference goers, they had Timomatic perform for them and witnessed Cosentino's craziest tricks. Plus, free food and drink. He summed it up as 'awesome'. It's great to see the managers get rewarded and acknowledged for the hard work they do.

Our celebrations continued from last month - we had a cousin's, aunties, friends and father's birthday, we celebrated our mothers on a day dedicated to them, we celebrated getting a few questions correct at a local quiz night and spontaneously celebrated our relationship with a night at this hotel, as well as dinner here, a different dinner here, plus a midweek dinner and movie date.

A Foggy Drive into The Adelaide Hills
Jamie and I continued to enjoy our local sport during the week. I have also began winter netball in the Adelaide Hills on the weekend. This has definitely tested my fitness but it is great to mingle with old friends again.

Vanilla Cheesecake
This month I tried a few new things. I was introduced to my new favourite cafe. Coffee by the Beans. My friend exposed me to this place and I'm so excited to go back. They make one of the best chai lattes! I also made my first ever cheesecake - I have decided that cheesecakes are going to be my thing. Oh, a one of the biggest changes of all... I cut all my hair off!

Other things that happened this week:
- I finished the best book I have ever read, Redeeming Love. Everyone should read it! 
- I accompanied Jamie fishing at Semaphore Jetty. It was a magical night, with no breeze and a clear sky. We weren't accompanied by any eatable fish, however we met a Port Jackson Shark and a Seal at it's feeding time. I enjoyed it. 
- Jamie and I hosted small group at our home for the first time. It's great to have friends that share the same love for God as we do. 
- I can't forget to mention my drive to college when I took a wrong turn. I got lost but it was the best moment in the day. I got to speak with an artist, visit the local wharf {photo below} and still wasn't late to class. Everyday is an adventure.

Port Adelaide Wharf
Another month has flown by. How was your May?

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  1. Exciting May for BJ - his hard work was acknowledged by his peers and colleagues when he received an award from the Australian Council for Educational Leaders (SA). We attended a dinner at the Wine Centre. I am proud of this man. We had two Special Persons Days to attend and CanDance at Entertainment Centre.
    From 'Power of Simple Living'
    'How far you go in life depends on
    your being tender with the young,
    compassionate with the aged,
    sympathetic with the striving, and
    tolerant of the weak and the strong;
    because someday in life you will have been all of these.'
    George Washington Carver