Living in a Unit - Tip 1 - Storage Furniture

22 January 2014

Fitting a kitchen, dining area, living space, bedroom, laundry, toilet and bathroom inside a 60 metre square three bedroom unit is a challenge in itself, let alone adding a person (soon to be two!) plus a house full of their clothes, shoes, dvd's, books, appliances and art. Mr J and I accepted this challenge when we purchased this cosy space in June 2013.

So, I hear you asking how do you give everything a home and keep things tidy? The answer is every piece of furniture must have storage! Last night, a beautiful pine television cabinet was delivered to our unit from a friend who is moving homes. The cabinet has helped my sanity as I no longer have to pull out one dvd from my bookcase to also have five other dvd's, six novels and a recipe book fall on top of me too. Instead, my dvd's get their own home and no matter how messy it can get behind those doors, the mess is hidden (for now).

Don't get me wrong, the unit has days when it looks like a wild pig has visited, doing laps and backflips leaving the place in a 'pig sty' but knowing that everything has a home and that an hour of tidying allows me to feel comfortable when guests come over makes things so much better.

Any storage is good storage.

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