Living in a Unit - Tip 2 - Blank Walls

27 January 2014

We all have those walls that are blank. Walls that just beg for attention and scream for love. Why not add a personal touch to the place you call home in a form of artwork! Sounds easy right? It's actually not, especially if you live in a small space, it is quite tricky when all your walls and angles are strange. Finding the perfect shape frame is near impossible and then finding the motivation can be harder than climbing Mt Everest. I was in that boat until I came along this idea (pictured above) - nothing more than a long piece of string and some pegs. A piece of string which allows me to hang our best memories and rotate them day to day. I also see a future for some of my most loved postcards and prints here too. Something unique but something me.

What fills your walls?


  1. Since we're in a rented house, but I love photos on the walls, I have a "picture wall" that has grown over the years--it used to be an orderly grid of photos, but now it's a collage of photos of different sizes covering the vast majority of one wall--I just taped them up with painter's tape!