Family is Precious

20 March 2014

Yesterday was my 21st birthday. Thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes, gifts and love. I was spoilt with breakfast in bed, flowers, a new handbag and purse from Mr J and a Daniel Wellington watch from my parents. Speechless and so thankful.

My day was filled with happiness, as well as sadness as I lost a wonderful uncle. My memories of my uncle exceed the word great and I feel privileged that each year, on my birthday, we get to celebrate and remember such an amazing man. R.I.P Uncle Chard, missing you already. Family and time is so precious.

If you want to donate money to Melanoma Institute Australia please go to this page to support our family walking in the Melanoma March. Every little bit will help.

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  1. From 'Be Happy' by Patrick Lindsay
    'Be happy...
    Manage your time
    It's one of the most precious assets,
    and we don't know how much of it we have.
    Value it highly.
    Devote it to the most precious things:
    your family,
    your loved ones,
    your friends.
    Then apportion it to your career.
    Not the other way round.'
    Bless you and Mr J as you do these things in your walk through life together.