Catching Up

14 March 2014

I realise that I have not posted for a while now. Apologies. I'm back now. Please be prepared to get bombarded with some of my life adventures from the past week.

As I write this, I'm looking back to the 8th of March. The night we celebrated a friends engagement in the beautiful wetlands of my high school. It was lovely to mingle with people I hadn't seen for a long time, drink iced tea straight from T2 and see the filmed proposal of a gorgeous couple. Congratulations J & D. This night made Mr J and I think back to our engagement party, and although it seems like yonks ago, we will never forget the atmosphere that was created with our loved ones celebrating with us. Priceless.

What did you do on the public holiday that fell on the 10th of March? Mr J and I joined some of the young adults of our church at the river. Although the photo above looks quite overcast, it was warm and perfect weather for some water sports and swimming. Mr J mastered the knee board and had a load of fun on the 'biscuit'. It was a nice and relaxing day away from home - it was was even better to enjoy it with other Christians in God's environment. Blessed.

Autumn is officially here. Walking outside to see the leaves changing colours on the trees and covering the ground gives a new definition of beauty. Over the last couple days on my way to university, I have stopped to thank God for his creation. Something that we can take for granted too often. He is amazing.

 How have you been over the last week?

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  1. 'Life is beautiful in its simplicity.' Thomas Matthiesen