A Spontaneous Productive Day

26 March 2014

Today was one of those spontaneous days that turned out wonderful! Mr J had a very rare day off and I was excited. Our body clocks didn't allow us to have a massive sleep in but enough that made us feel relaxed. Getting up at our own pace, we decided to do some of those jobs that have been sitting on our list for a while. We started the day at Billy Baxters for breakfast {thanks to an entertainment voucher!} and then sorted out our medicare and private health insurance. Feeling secure. After sitting in waiting rooms all morning, we were reading for some fun. We decided to explore ikea and Harbour Town. We were able to use a wedding gift voucher to purchase a soft rug and some new mugs for our home. There were some bargains we couldn't resist, therefore came home with some extra goodies too. Smiling.

The night ended with the assembling of furniture and rearrangements of old furniture to make our home feel a little more like ours. Our three bedroom home now has seven - a living area, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom/laundry and an office space! It's amazing what can be created with a little imagination.

Here is my office space, that my wonderful husband worked hard assembling.

Do you have a favourite shop?

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