Spontaneous Date Night

3 March 2014

Mondays are often hard. After such a relaxing and fun weekend, the last thing you want to do it go back to work or uni. Today was my first day back studying and although I'm happy to say it was productive and not as bad as I predicted, I was exhausted. My brain isn't used to that much thinking! While I was learning about being a teacher, Mr J was 500m down the road at a manager's conference. Another brain workout. Looking ahead to a meeting we both had that evening, I thought I would pick Mr J up and surprise him with a early dinner of asian food. We filled out bellies with an entree of salt & pepper squid, mains of crispy beef, peanut & coconut chicken and fried rice and treated ourselves with dessert. I tried my first serve of fried ice-cream, while Mr J's was flavoured strawberry. We could not fit another spoon of food in. Full to the brim. 

A nice way to unwind, before heading back out to town. 

What is your favourite asian dish?


  1. Comment from MMK:

    Being of the era of meat and three vegs, I don't have a favourite Asian dish - BUT the crispy beef, peanut and coconut chicken and fried rice sounds like it could be a favourite for me (BJ - well, the fried ice cream!)
    Joel 2:26 'You will have much to eat and be filled. And you will praise the name of the Lord your God., Who has done wonderful things for you. Then My people will never be put to shame.'
    William Shakespeare wrote: Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.'
    Enjoy trying new foods.

    1. Thank you for sharing what you think would be your favourites. If you ever want to give it a try - this place was lovely. Enjoying your quotes and bible verses!