Thankful Thursday {with a splash of colour}

27 March 2014

Here's to plants that brighten up a home, to supportive families that stand by you through the hardest of times, to colourful soap suds in the car wash, to breakfast dates with my husband, to celebrations of birth and free gift vouchers, to three bedroom homes that fit seven living spaces, to a flexible work environment, to shopping days, to cold autumn days, to a colour coordinated bookshelf, to social mixed netball with my aunty and uncle, to camps that share God's love and to photos that hold memories. So blessed.

What have you been thankful for lately?


  1. Oh! Your blog is soooo pretty! Cute pics! I'm thankful that winter is finally over here in Finland! No winter jacket! YAY!

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    1. Thank you Mrs K for commenting! We are going into Winter in Australia. Enjoy your warmer weather. Will now go check out your blog and give away :) Have a great week.