One Month of Marriage

1 March 2014

One month ago, I got married (see photos here)! I know the true meaning of 'time flies when you're having fun' now, as that is all that marriage has been so far. Ofcourse, we have had our disagreements about little niggly things such as what time to wash the dishes and where the location of dirty clothes should be but I'm safe to say we got through it. The fact that I can look forward to seeing Mr J every night and every morning is great. Super blessed.

As today marked one month with the man of my dreams, we invited our parents over to view our professional wedding photos. We ate cheeses, dips, crackers and homemade scones while we laughed and reminisced over such a great day. A day that will never leave us.


  1. BJ and I said a special prayer for your one-month anniversary and remembered, with smiley faces, your wonderful wedding day.
    Thanks XX

  2. so fun!! marriage is a blast! sometimes it is hard and touch but most times it is just so fun hanging with your best friend all the time!